1.) Be Relentless with implementation – the top owners Get Sh*t Done!  They will keep going and going and going until the job is complete.  It might not be perfect, but that can always be improved upon.  Make sure you get at least 1 valuable thing DONE each and every day!

2.) They Realize that the “selling” of the thing is job #1.  I know, I know…nobody thinks they want to “sell” anything….however, NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL A SALE IS MADE (read that again!) If you (or your team) is unable to sell the value and benefits of what you provide and how those values and benefits will change the lives of your members…you won’t have many members.  Get great at the selling of the thing, so that you have more people to teach the “thing” to!

3.) They are HUGE / HUMUNGOUS / ENORMOUSLY BIG THINKERS.  These owners are not thinking only about the current brush fire that they’re putting out, but rather, they’re focused upon achieving their strategic objective which might not get done for years…they are thinking about ways to make a much larger impact and bring more value to their members because they know that when they do this…EVERYBODY WINS!

4.) They are actually STEERING their own ship.  Successful owners are actually being the captain of their ship and steering it to profit, success, and harmony.  They focus on implementing systems that allow for greater attraction of new members, easier and more effective retention of current members and systems that permit their staff to consistently deliver a world-class experience to everybody they interact with.  This is only done by steering toward the vision laid out by the owner!

5.) They’re planners.  These owners use lists and most importantly they live by their Daily Prioritizers (which save them time, keep them laser-focused on getting sh*t done and help them avoid time vampires better than a necklace made of garlic)  They never let the day run their calendar, instead, they schedule the most important things for THEM and then they are totally present in doing those things!

6.) They are FORWARD THINKING.  That means that they realize that it’s 2019 and therefore do not market like it’s 1989.  They are web savvy, social media conscious (whether they like it or not) and know that their growth is made easier by understanding the right way to leverage these new marketing channels.

7.) They are PASSIONATE.  Every single successful owner I know is 100% passionate about the “outcome” that they provide to their clients. (yes, they’re clients…not customers – customers are transactional, we want to build lifelong clients who pay, stay and refer for years!  Owners who are passionate about the quality of the product from an experiential perspective (that of the athlete AND of the parent) will become magnetic to the exact kind of people they are looking to attract.

8. They’re Communicators.  They are not afraid to send an email.  They are not afraid to post on social.  They are not afraid to shoot live vids.  They are ALWAYS happy and honored to have the opportunity to talk about all of the many benefits their gym provides.  People feel this energy and are drawn to it.

9.) They’re SYSTEM FANATICS.  I read a long time ago that the system simply reminds us that with them, you’ll Save YourSelf Time Effort and Money!  If you’re not operating your business through effective systems than you and I should talk…like, right now.  I’ve got some important tools for you to help you build these!

10.) They realize they can’t do it alone.  It’s simply NOT POSSIBLE to do it all…by yourself.  Imagine how your athletes would perform without a coach to help them become the very best versions of themselves?  Not so great, right?  Well…we, as business owners are quite the same.  We need information.  We need motivation.  We need Education.  Sometimes we need either a reality slap or a swift kick in the @ss.  That’s what your coach *should* be doing for you!!!!  Again, if you do NOT have one – probably the right time to schedule a quick call!

*** a bonus one:
They understand that THEY are their very best investment! Rather than buy ANOTHER piece of equipment (odds are, you don’t need it anyway), they choose to invest in themselves.  In their education, in their inspiration, in their systems to help them leapfrog over their competitors and, more importantly where they were previously.