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Triumphant Muay Thai

AMA – Jake Haas vs Lucas Martino (3 rnds)

AMA – Thai Ngan-Le vs Susan Wallace (3 rnds)

AMA – Justin West vs Nick Feeney – Title Fight (5 rnds)

AMA – Oscar Castro vs Trent Austin – Title Fight (5 rnds)

AMA – Joyce Hernandez vs Selina Flores – Title Fight (5 rnds)

AMA – Anthony McNutt vs Alan Smith – Title Fight (5 rnds)

PRO – Gabe David vs Jamie Pheap (3 rnds)

PRO – Janet Todd vs Regan Gowing (3 rnds)

PRO – Lance Dixon vs Eryk Sabocor (3 rnds) – Part of Grand Prix Challenge

PRO – Aleksandar Naumoski vs Walker Vivian – Part of Grand Prix Challenge

AMA – John Hurney vs Chris Hartman – Title Fight (5 rnds)

PRO – Jon Tan vs Samuel Mongonia (3 rnds)

AMA – Malcolm Hill vs Jordan Weiland

PRO – Sean Climaco vs Geanne Herrera (3 rnds)

PRO – Ethan Quiachon vs Brendan Raftery (3 rnds)

PRO – Sonny Singh vs Brian Bruns (3 rnds)

PRO – Winners of Bout #8 and Bout #10 – Part of Grand Prix Challenge

PRO – Zoila Frausto vs Elizabeth Phillips (3 rnds) – MAIN EVENT

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