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Muay Thai could change your life!!

Postive rant:

I was out having a drink last night and a couple walked up to me,
Them: “hey aren’t you Mark the kickboxing instructor”
Me: “hhaha yes thats me”

them: ” My niece used to train with you and she loved it”
Me: “then why did she stop training with me”

Them: “I don’t know BUT, she got in trouble with the law last month, she got a felony!! ”
Me: “Holy shit that is terrible news”

Them: (interrupting me) “Look she’s going to get these charges dropped after a lot of community service and work and payments for a year!
BUT I KNOW if she never stopped training with you,
I 100% KNOWWWWW she would not have gotten in trouble!!!”
Me: ” Well thats usually how training works, it keeps people (including myself) OUT of trouble”

Them: “Well AS SOON as she’s done with this, she WILL be right back in your gym, our whole family, her parents, us, her grandparents us as w whole family unit decided she will be back”
Me: unbelievably humbled “I cant wait to have her back”
Long story short, I didn’t get into teaching martial arts to change people lives. I did it because I could consistently train and fight without having a construction job. I did this job so I could punch and kick people haha.

After I stopped fighting, I realized we make no money doing this, I’m going to be poor as shit. And over 1000 times I was DONE killing myself for others. Then like a slap in the face this casual conversation comes up (and I’ve had this conversation with different people 1000 times) about how I changed their lives for the better and it would have been different if i wasn’t in their lives. I get a random email about how without training i couldn’t have been able to “insert incredible story about winning in life here”

This is 100% the only reason i still do this job.

ps. So I beg of everyone who reads this please, please, please tell the people that have helped you and how they’ve helped make your dreams come true, or helped you in life or whatever. TELL THEM!!
You may be literally saving someones life

End Rant
-That Hyena Muay Thai guy-

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