I’m going to call yesterday (and last week) Fathomless Disheartenment.
I used to not give a shit about people (when I was younger). I mean I saw people maimed in front of me and id laugh, I really didn’t care. Now I find myself, caring about others feelings and genuinely concerned for other people.
In Buddhism, it says “The cause of all suffering is attachment” well fuck isn’t that the damn truth!!

Well, this isn’t some feel-good inspirational bull shit story, this is real life so. I’ve found that caring for others only brings me into an unfathomable depression. Where I don’t even want to be around anymore. So what I’ve decided is:
Its time to go back to not giving a fuck about others (so maybe ill fit in then huh) cause I guess that’s the norm.

so yea that’s going to be a challenge but hey whatever.