Fitness & Cardio Training

What is a Muay Thai Class?

Muay Thai is a group fitness class, combining martial arts techniques and cardio workouts. Most of our classes involve loud music with a high-energy cardio workout. A Muay Thai  and cardio kickboxing workout is ideal for weight loss and staying in shape.

Taught by an experienced and well-skilled instructor, Muay Thai classes usually include a demonstration of technical boxing, kickboxing, and other movements such as kicks, punches, and knee strikes.

The reason why Muay Thai is perfect for you is that it is an extremely stunning cardiovascular workout with a lot of benefits to kick your fitness routine into high gear.

What Makes Muay Thai a Perfect Martial Art?

Also known as the art of eight limbs, Muay Thai is a martial art that is known for centuries for its super efficiency, marvelous power, and simplicity.

Here are some top reasons that make Muay Thai the perfect martial art.

Wide Ranges of Standup Fighting

Muay Thai is the only martial art that incorporates the use of various standup fighting techniques such as punching, knee striking, kicking, elbows and more. It involves the use of elbow, knee, hands, and shins; allowing you to use all fighting limbs in punch range, kick range, and clinch range. Other striking material arts usually lack these characteristics.

Burns Maximum Calories

Nothing beats cardio for a quick workout as it is capable of burning up to 1000 calories per hour, helping you lose weight faster while staying in shape. It is the most effective way to burn fats and provide you strength and flexibility.

Harnesses Your Body, Mind, and Soul

“Muay Thai is good for your inner strength and self-confidence,” said Kru Yodtong- a great late Muay Thai grandmaster. Besides improving your physical condition, Muay Thai strengthens your mind and soul, improving your self-esteem and self-reliance.

When you feel that you’re becoming proficient in kickboxing, it boosts your confidence in life and all other activities as well.

Most Effective Striking Art

Without any doubt, Muay Thai is the most effective and intense striking workout in the world, based on real-life experiments and experiences. The effectiveness of this practice for hundreds of years has refined this art to be more effective, skilled, powerful, and fast.

Unleashes Your Potential

Muay Thai is often misrepresented as a sport of violence and aggression, but the reality is different. Being a martial art, Muay Thai cultivates traditional values in you. There is no other workout better than Muay Thai to boost your self-discipline, and inspire you to chase your dreams with the warrior spirit. It, in turn, unleashes your spirit to stay focused and motivated in every aspect of your life.

Combination of Aerobic and Anaerobic Workout

To ensure the best fitness results, your body needs both aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Aerobics workouts involve running, jumping rope, and stationary bike, etc. that prepares you for heavy workouts. And, anaerobic workouts involve nautilus, lifting weights, and punching and kicking on bags, etc.

The perfection of Muay Thai is that it involves both anaerobic and aerobic workouts, improving your strength, cardiovascular performance, wellness, and overall conditioning.

Great Stress Reliever

Muay Thai offers you a chance to relieve your stress and anger positively. It not only helps you to stay positive, but boosts your mental health and keeps you away from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions.

Relieving your stress in a positive way also improves your physical health, anger problems, improves depression, and anxiety. Muay Thai, as an exercise, stimulates the supply of endorphins, making you feel happier and less stressed.

Boosts Your Energy Level

Though exercise boosts your energy level, excess of it can have opposite outcomes. Rest is essential for your body when you’re doing any physical job. Muay Thai as well as rest are needed for recovery. We take Sundays off, allowing your body the rest it needs to recover. Although you don’t have to train 6 days a week we do recommend 3 days a week minimum.

The training program of cardio allows you to perform the workout at your own pace, improving your energy levels with increased productivity. Moreover, you get some good time to spend with your family, (ask about our family discounts) and with the increased energy level, you’ll be more valuable to your employer.

The professionalism of Muay Thai will help you manage things in daily life, and boost your self-confidence, which is significant for prolonged happiness people.

Highly Effective for Self Defense

Undeniably, Muay Thai is one of the few martial arts that are battle-tested and certified for real-life encounters. So, for real-life defense, it is better to learn Muay Thai than taking a simple fitness or weight loss program.

However, Muay Thai will give you all possible tools for self-defense since it is not only a physical workout, but a technical workout as well. Muay Thai involves basic striking techniques, it allows you to use them in a real-life situation to defend yourself, if the need ever arises.

During Muay Thai classes, you don’t just kick and punch, you also get feedback from your instructor. You learn to punch and kick, while using this feedback for constant improvement. Muay Thai helps build self-defense techniques.

Muay Thai involves numerous techniques beyond the basics to help maintain your interest and skill level. And the addition of music stimulates and motivates you. From building your shape to relieving your stress level; controlling your aggression to making you fighting machine for self-defense; being self-disciplined to improve your self-confidence, Muay Thai offers you unlimited benefits.

Anyone can just take part in our Muay Thai exercise program to keep your body in shape, relieve stress, boost self-esteem, and enhance the confidence in your life.