Heart of a Champion


Another absolutely critical element of a Champion is Heart. A champion will not quit, they can not quit, their inner being revolts against quitting and quitters. They will never give up, regardless of the circumstances. They never give in, never give up and never quit, they will dig deep and grind towards victory until it is time to stop.

A champion is relentless in training and definitely in the arena. They will constantly attack, maintaining constant pressure, with one goal in mind…break the will of their opponent. Because of the their mentality in training, day in and day out, it is who they are as a competitor.

Technically, a champion will do what it takes to be the best he can be. He will spend hours doing thousands and thousands of repetitions until he can pull off his techniques in real time in a real fight. A champion understands the importance of drilling, doing what may seem boring to others, but necessary for victory. “Good, Better, Best Never Let It Rest Until Your Good Is Better and Your Better Is Best” is how they think and live. They will seek out and find the people they need to turn weaknesses into strengths, and push their strengths into mastery. It is important to them that they leave no stone unturned. When they walk into the cage, they know without a shadow of a doubt that they have done EVERYTHING they could have, and stayed away from everything they should have.

In short they have lived the life of a champion in and out of training and in the end their courage, discipline, hard work and sacrifice has paid off and the pride they feel when the worlds most prestigious belt is wrapped around their waist will be felt by very few in this world.