I hope


I hope by Mark Beecher,

I hope this pandemic has changed peoples thinking, but I hope it changes peoples thinking in a different way.
I hope that anyone who knows anyone that died of this gets through this.
I hope that everyone realizes what is essential in the world and these farmers and people that are essential to our survival start getting paid more.
I hope that people realize that hoarding isn’t the answer, helping others is.
I hope that everyone realizes that if you have a dream you have to fucking go for it, because there might not be time to go for it in the future.
I hope that this changes people, yet keeps people the same in certain ways. I’ve seen my friends over FaceTime more now than I have in the past five years.
I hope that stays the same.
I hope people realize your time here isn’t forever and arguing on social media over who’s right and who’s wrong when no one actually knows is a waste of your precious time.
I hope that people realize that you don’t really need that fancy watch, Or those fancy shoes, or that fancy car to survive.
I hope people realize that what you really need is friends and love and just basic necessities in order to live.
I hope people realize their time here is limited and you have to go for whatever it is you’re going for in life.
I hope people realize of your dream is not bigger than your thoughts, you need a new dream.
I hope people change the way they look at other people, because tomorrow, you may never see that person again.
I hope that people turn off their tv’s and realize that it’s manipulating you and news is about ratings.
I hope that people wake up and now know who their real friends and real people in their lives are.
I hope that people learn to live for today, change your mindset to happiness today
I hope that everyone reads this and it changes their mindset to go for what you want in your life.
I hope that people understand how easy it is for our government to be shut down and relying on the government is not a wise idea.
I hope that people understand that all you leave the earth with is your memories so make yours worth it.
I hope that people know we have to support the small businesses in the whole world because those are the people who make up……US!
I hope that people start understanding that we are all the same, everyone around the world is the same race (the human race) and our whole race could be wiped out by something so small you can’t even see it
I hope everyone calls their friends and family and tells them that they love them, today!
I hope again that some of this stays the same.
I hope people understand that out of all of this bad this could change everyone for the better.
I hope people use this to change for the better
I hope that instead of only thinking about yourself everyone should be helping everyone and we could come together as people.
I hope that things can go back to normal very soon.
I hope not back to normal how they used to be. The new normal with a different mindset.

“The only sin is to die, without having truly lived”

Mark Beecher