I’m not usually one to make long posts, I’m not a great writer. But I’m going to get this out there. It’s strange to me how people talk about Kevin inspiring them to do things they never would have. It’s fantastic. He is a person that just does what he does and it inspires people. He is an amazing soul….period. I’m happy when people tell me I was that for them as well. The strange part is, he’s just my friend Kevin, but amazing. But I knew that, he’s my friend. In about 17 years I think I have missed 3 of his fights EVER! I have also tried to be there in other moments in his life (aside from fighting) as well.
I have flown across the world with him, I have been there through good and bad, I’ve flown to California when I was homeless and penniless and slept in my rental car so he could get a good nights sleep before a fight (He doesn’t know this stuff)
He has helped me in countless ways (indirectly and directly) When I feel as though my life is over at points BOOM my phone beeps and its a text or a call from him, it’s like ESP in a brotherly way, and he’s indirectly saved my life, more than once. This journey we took in life made us bond as brothers and there were so many tough times but we kept pushing.
I did not start this to help people I started this so I could punch people. But I became a better teacher and coach than I ever was a fighter. Kevin’s dedication and drive to “I just want to fight once” has inspired so many to keep pushing for their dreams. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! IT’S HARD AS FUCK!
But remember “Face your fears, live your dreams” if it were easy everyone would do it.
Would I go through all these hard crazy times again? in a fucking second. I made a promise to him a lot of years ago “Anytime, Anywhere on this planet, if you need me ill be there” and that will stand until I’m in the dirt. I know his next endeavors, whatever they may be, will be successful and I can just hope that they will make him happy. Which is all I want for my brother, Happiness…
The time has come to make that new chapter in his life and I know whatever it is he wants to accomplish he will! and will inspire others with that drive and passion that he doesn’t even think about. I mean that’s just my friend Kevin haha.
This will only make sense to s few, and I’m not a very eloquent writer, I’m glad I was able to be there from the start until now when he starts a new chapter in his life. and will continue to be
“Anytime, Anywhere on this planet, if you need me ill be there”
Crazy asshole friend Beecher