Quotes From Former Students and Famous People

 Wish you were here my boys need you.. You have no idea how much you inpact my boys… They still talk about you till this day. Toughness,Discipline,Respect (TDR)
Betty Vasquez Toledo –

thanks for everything bro! I will never forget my first Knock-Out in the UFC with you in my corner! I remember turning around after he dropped and seeing you, seeing that smile on your face, it’s something I will never forget! Thank for the time brother! I’m proud to call them Friends!!!

Tim Credeur

If I wasn’t moving the family to Austin in a few weeks, my kids would started and came here at 5, then do BJJ next door at 6. Heard nothing but great things about Mark and his place.

By mike pham

World class instruction from a world class trainer.

BY Vincent Lipscomb


“You are one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with , your knowledge of the ring , the stand up, and the way you talk to your fighters is inspiring ….

– Saulo Ribiero

“Thanks for all that you taught me, YOU made me a fighter and I probably wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the changes you made in my game”

-Vinny Magalhaes

American Ambassadors of the sport Muay Thai.There is something different about training Mark Beecher, Kevin Ross and Chaz Mulkey in strength and conditioning fight prep. Mental approach, sport IQ, Dedication, Heart, and love for Muay Thai.
Proud of these guys for their accomplishments and dedication to the sport they love.

-Norm Turner
I’m not sure why but all the Kru’s and Masters as they like to call themselves here in the states get under my skin so bad! Just a bunch of phony chumps. I can think of 2 people here that deserve those titles (One Kick, Mark Beecher) the rest of you guys are a joke. I maybe am forgetting 1 or 2 people in the whole US and if I did my apologies.

-Chaz Mulkey 


It was more than just a seminar coach Mark H Beecher III. Took me 3 pages to write down in detail what i learned from u. I know for a fact that l walked out of the gym a different person with a wider angle of view and better techniques and tricks. Thank you very much sir


He has spent countless hours with me and sharpened tools that I’ve learned from the past. He has such a love for hurting people and he would be my first-round draft pick if I ever needed help in a bar fight. He’s always cracking me up with his stories and jokes. I’ve seen big improvements within the small period we’ve worked together. I always have a blast when we crank the music up and tear up some pads.


hey brotha . I just wanted to tell you that I’ve had you on my mind a bit lately. and have meant to write you a thank you message lately, but have not gotten around to it. I should have done it sooner, but now with all that’s going on with your friend shane, and seeing your thanksgiving post, I don’t want to put it off.
I’m having such a great time with muay Thai right now it is unbelievable. the Thai instructors over here love me. I’m more comfortable training and doing better than I ever have. and I can attribute it to one thing. You. You were a great trainer to me. For some reason I never allowed myself to be confident when I was training with you guys. But after years of training with you and you treating me like I was a real fighter I think I’ve let it sink in. I’m still not worth a shit at muay Thai, but I’m better than I was and getting better daily. I have finally figured out what it means to relax when training and sparring and muay Thai comes easier to me now than it ever has.
Now, when I’m sparring and the other guy hits me, I just pull the Mark Beecher move and act like it didn’t even happen. At first, I was just imitating you….then a weird thing happened, I honestly started not giving a shit when I get hit. It’s awesome how much it fucks with the other guy. I shoulda’ listened to you about that a long time ago. hahahaha.
I’ll be spending a week at Sitmonchai over Christmas and I’m hoping like hell the Hyena gloves hold up long enough to make the trip then I’ll retire them afterward, but I’m using the hell out of those gloves.
In addition to you being such a great trainer, man you’ve been one of my best friends I’ve ever had. You’re truly that dude that would give someone the shirt off their back. I try to incorporate your selflessness into my life.
I know it has been a rough day or two for you, I can’t imagine the roller coaster you have been on with all the conflicting reports about Shane. So I definitely wanted to let you know that me and certainly a ton of other people have been incredibly positively influenced by having you in our lives. Thanks brother.
no homo. maybe I shoulda wrote that before getting all my emotions out there. hahahaha. I’ll still punch your face though….or get punched in my face as is more likely. hahahaha.