Hyena Muay Thai Kickboxing – Katy, Texas

811 S MASON RD #200A, KATY, TEXAS 77450

Martial Arts Programs Available In Katy


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    Kids Muay Thai

    From your child’s very first class at Hyena Muay Thai, they’ll learn important life lessons about respect, confidence, and perseverance. Our Kids Muay Thai program is designed to set each student up for success and to give them the edge in life that only the martial arts can provide. Join us in Katy and get started today!

    Muay Thai

    Our Muay Thai classes teach you how to strike with every limb of your body and generate power and speed from any position. We’re helping people of all fitness levels find success and we can’t wait for you to be next.

    Advanced Muay Thai

    Our Advanced Muay Thai classes are treating you to the world of striking and total-body fitness training. We’re challenging men and women from all across Katy with heart-racing workouts and professional instruction each and every day.

    Get Ready To Train With The Best At Hyena Muay Thai!